The week that was (16 July 2017)

- Will Studd wrote an important story about the demise of the traditional dairy herd in cheese production and the importance of choosing farmhouse cheeses. In Italy, Studd states, “Over the past 50 years, it has lost five cattle breeds and about half its traditional regional cheeses.” He also makes mention of the “Camembert wars,” a recent battle won by the producers to ensure all Camembert is made with at least 50% from the Normande breed cows’ milk. Breeds are important, no fundamental, for biodiversity. We need to fight to protect them.  
- Richard Cornish’s article in the SMH this week was also very important. He was talking farming, marketing, labelling. It’s a jungle out there. “The way meat animals actually live and die can be remarkably different from the images depicted by marketers. It's a divide so wide that some see it as a lie.” Cornish walks through four farms to tell his tale, from beef, pork, lamb and chickens. He also provides a very handy fly around of a few key producers down the bottom. I have seen Bruce’s flock of chooks. They are incredible.
- Every year I watch the gatherings of the Deep Winter Agrarians with more than a pang of jealousy. The ever-impressive Tammi Jonas shared her thoughts on FB, while quoting another: “Here I look at positive change. At clean local food. At ecological and regenerative approaches, short food chains, carbon drawdown, reduced food miles, better food access, and a break from the dependence on fossil fuels, poison and synthetic fertilisers. These folks get it!! Nutrient density over agricultural intensity.” 
- Lizzie took a look at the female influence in the food industry, beyond the pass. She raises a very good point. Food is not just chefs. This could also be extrapolated out to include front of house, co-owners, etc etc. For those in the industry looking for a little support, check out the Women in Hospitality Mentor Program. Their first event is July 24. 
Postcards from Paris:

I'm keeping this one brief. There is much to do today. I'm drinking all the wine, eating all the cheese and dancing with all the firemen. Vive la France!