I am available on a freelance basis to consult and write about food and wine.

  • Marketing and communications strategy

  • Social media consultant and strategy

  • Copywriter and food articles

  • MC'ing and event hosting

  • Project management

  • Public relations advice and strategy

  • Recipe writing and testing

  • Food styling and creative direction

  • Window displays and visual merchandising


For more information or to discuss your project: 

Phone: 0401 343 562

About Libby Travers

I am a food writer and communications consultant. Over the past 15 years, I have worked alongside some of Australia’s best chefs, producers and wholesalers, telling their stories, while also writing for magazines, newspaper, radio and tv.

I am an advocate for food and wine that is produced sustainably and the importance of conviviality at the table. Co-author of “Meat: The Ultimate Companion” (Murdoch Books), a book that looks at meat from the perspective of the farmer, butcher and cook. The book covers the history of every major animal we raise for meat, international breed maps, cut diagrams and descriptions, as well as illustrated butchery techniques and expert tips on selecting, storing and cooking all kinds of meat.

With a background in history (my history honours thesis compared France and England and their politics on food and rationing during WWII), I learnt the importance of food in feeding the national body, not just in terms of nourishment but emotion. My interest in food continues to focus on its place in a country's culture and customs – with a particular soft spot for all things French.

My missive, Eight Days, is a celebration of food, booze and bonheur in Sydney and further afield. Through the weekly email, I aggregate the food reviews and news – in some ways it’s a review of the reviewers – while disseminating some of the bigger issues that make their way into the media, through the “soapbox”.

I have lived in France and speak fluent French. I am the Australian correspondent for the Parabere Forum