The week that was (17 December 2015)

Soap box:

- Prawns are in the spotlight this week. Thai Uniona Thai prawn processing business supplying Coles, Woolies and Aldi, were exposed for using child-labour and "some workers, mainly from Myanmar, locked inside or otherwise unable to leave the factory", which sounds a little like slavery to me. 

Prawns are problematic at the best of times, with some chefs not using prawns at all due to the impact on the environment of both dredging (wild prawns) and farming. "When farmed, the feed used for prawns is often made from wild-caught fish, and while the CSIRO is working with prawn farmers to develop less intensive prawn-food, it is by no means perfect yet. Wild-caught prawns account for most of Australia’s locally harvested prawns (around 80 per cent). Unfortunately, prawn-trawling generates the highest amount of by-catch (accidental catching and wastage of other species) of all fisheries" (via Broadsheet).

For more about the enviro and social issues above read this. For help purchasing local prawns check out this great infographic from Greenpeace taking you through the best (and worst) species. As a simple starting point, local is the go.