The week that was (4 November 2016)

- If you need a little beauty in your day, watch the Seed trailer. It holds more than beauty – it’s important. We have lost 94% of our vegetable seed varieties since the turn of the 20th century. “The diversity in our seed stocks is as endangered as a panda or a polar bear.” If you’re in Noosa this weekend you will be able to see it at the film festival – Byron and Tasie are also on the cards. Sydney would be nice ... 
- You should also check out Massimo’s doco – One person’s waste, is another’s treasure. You can buy tix to this across Australia. In typical Massimo style, it looks to be the kind of movie that makes your heart soar.

- Further to our look at FOTE last week, I had a chat to Jock about what he was doing there - the answer is launching The Orana Foundation -  at Gastronomika (San Seb), FOTE (Ireland) and he's now en route to Istanbul for Give Back. It's interesting to note so much overseas interest and so little local. What is that?!? Watch the vid, read about the foundation. We need to do more: "In 20 or 30 years that culture will be wiped out. Will be gone forever."
- Finally, there's the fall out from the salmon farm exposé on Four Corners on Monday. It had many shades of Erin Brockovich, alongside a little corporate vs corporate. You can read a brief summary in The Mercury. I called Sus to have a chat about it all. He suggested more context was required. Some points he raised about aquaculture:

  1. Salmon are among the tightest schooling fish. I had not considered the difference between a ranging mammal and a schooling fish in regards to farming style.
  2. Just under 50% of Australian fish is farmed – just over 50% on a global level.
  3. Aquaculture is split into two main camps – benign aquaculture (not requiring feed – mussels, clams, etc) and that which requires husbandry (ie feeding and antibiotics).
  4. While salmon are not endemic to our region, neither are Wagyu, Aylesbury ducks or Chardonnay grapes – in fact the vast majority of the food we consume originated elsewhere. 

On the other side of the coin, I read this on FB from Steven Snow (Fins): "Great episode that everyone should watch. This is why Fins has NEVER served salmon or farmed finned fish. The chicken of the sea in my opinion... they are fed chemicals and bovine/poultry off cuts. Worst of all consumers are lied to. Salmon is certified "sustainable" by many so called environmental companies and this is far from the truth. Dirty work. Locally sourced, wild caught fish is the best way forward."

I'll leave that for you to ponder. If all else fails, there's always the cricket.