The week that was (15 September 2016)

- You can now watch Jacques Pepin roll a chicken ballotine and make an omelette at MAD5 (they now have a few of the talks up online). The simple things, done impeccably. The point Pepin was making, by deboning the bird as he spoke, is that you must first master your craft before you can really find the room to be relaxed enough to create. I hope I look and sound that good at 80 (not to mention having his knife skills). 
- This year’s line up for the Gelinaz Shuffle Two(2) has been announced and we are (relatively) rich in local talent, with CarmichaelShewryHunter and Zonfrillo all on the list (click the link for the global chefs). Tix go on sale at 11pm next Wednesday (the 21st), the shuffle is to be held on the evening of November 10. Mark your diaries. 

- It appears Bayer and Monsanto are a step closer to combining forces. There’s a lot to worry about in this article, not least of which is the SMH spelling through, “thru”.
- Is Noma going to Mexico? Pat says yes(ish) …
Finally, à la Kevin McCloud, a few conversations we've begun that I would like to revisit:

- Wine drinkers, wine makers, wine lovers, listen to this. These proposed changes to the WET rebate would put a big wet blanket over an industry that is so strong in innovation now. You have the next five weeks to have your say. Do it. (see TWTW 1 June)
- The sugar vs fat conspiracy theory. Our knowledge of what constitutes a good diet is fraught at the best of times, but this (dating back to the '60s) is a shocker, more-so because now they're tracing the US Dietary Guidelines back to a specific report that pointed the finger at fat, not refined sugar - a report funded by the Sugar Research Foundation. (see TWTW 14 April)

- Finally, for all those who believe we still have a way to go to create equality in this industry (that should be all of you!) Women in Hospitality (Wo Ho) have announced their first event in Sydney on 10 October. The Parabere Forum have also announced the location of their next annual event: Redefining Sustainability.  It will be held on the 5th and 6th March in Barcelona. (I was lucky enough to be at this year's forum, see TWTW 10 March, for the pay gap in our kitchens see TWTW 12 May).