The week that was (11 August 2016)

- Of course, we couldn’t get through this week and not talk about the Olympics. While Callan chose to tread that path by exploring the fast food offerings dedicated to the Games (actually), my attention is on Massimo’s refettorio (you will remember the concept from the Milan expo). I couldn’t help but pull out a few of my favourite Massimo thoughts (from the Eater article) below:  

"... the concept "is not a charity project, it is a cultural one." According to him (Bottura), waste became the most important problem related to food in a society that cannot handle its redistribution of resources. That’s not something new: Bottura says that this is the foundation of the Italian cuisine, or cucina povera, when matriarchs needed to use all the parts of an ingredient to provide a meal to their families. "We are going to bring back our grandmother’s way of thinking and are translating it into a contemporary work: ‘Do not throw away that piece of meat, don’t waste this Parmigiano-Reggiano crust,’" Bottura says."

"We, contemporary chefs, are going to think at least for one day as our grandmothers did. We want to explain to the world what is possible to do with an overripe banana, an ugly tomato, or with bread crumbs," Bottura says. The Rio Olympics will provide the stage. "The answer to the universal exposure that I am having now is: fight waste. I hope I can make people think more about that. That would make my prize [the World’s 50 Best designation] worth its while."

- Which is a lovely segue to farmer needs a farm, a beautiful idea born in Kyneton Vic. Retired farmers are being paired with tree changers to share their knowledge and wisdom. Community and wisdom and respect for elders. Just yes.  

- The Fin Rev took a look at “top chefs at food festivals”. You may remember Lethlean took the concept to task not so long ago. Here they look at the pros (getting a holiday, sharing ideas, hanging with mates, keeping your brand prominent) and cons (over charging, poor quality/poor representation of your brand). They also skim over the concept of collaboration - which I think is just as fraught on both sides of the coin. 

- And now a couple of well trodden paths in this missive - there was another touch up for Baird and the ridiculous lock-out laws. We also probably need more waste free shopping options (also because I felt this week needed a little Frenchie love), and, at some stage, I think we need to talk meat (and those meat free meat options). I’m not yet convinced. Finally, did you see this article about the state of affairs in QLD after they changed their land-clearing laws in 2012? They want to do the same thing here in NSW. I have mentioned it before. If you haven't already, please sign the petition?