The week that was (7 May 2015)

From a little further afield - 
- Skye Gyngell was the main story in the SMH, but I’m not going to dwell there and suggest you read this instead. This month her collaboration with David Prior was all about food memories. This is the kind of thing that makes the hair on the back of my neck prick up, it’s the writing I want to read because it’s about food, but also because it’s well written.

- The James Beard Awards were held in New York this week. Batard was voted best new restaurant, Michael Anthony (Gramercy and Untitled) was awarded outstanding chef, Christina Tosi (Momo Milk Bar) was best pastry chef and Blue Hill at Stone Barns was awarded outstanding restaurant. All the results here

- It appears the whole chefs-choosing-their-favourite-restaurant list is a global thing with The Observer Monthly running a list of the top 40 restaurants chosen by 40 chefs in the UK. If you're heading that way (or just plain curious) you can check out the list here. All the usual suspects (Lyle's, 40 Maltby, Clove Club etc) are in there.