The week that was (2 September 2015)

Le soap box …
As for France, it’s pure delight. I am staying in a small town called Castelnaud la Chapelle in the Dordogne. It's all stone buildings and church bells. The bells ring the hour, every hour, but they actually ring twice, just in case those in the fields forgot to count the first round. The swallows dart in the fading afternoon light, searching for moths, but generally looking like they are having the best time. It’s hard not to. 
The food so far has been the typical Frenchie bistro fare, my highlights a delicious yet incredibly simple garlic and egg broth made with a little stale bread to thicken it and a veal sweetbread and cepes concoction, the sweetbreads perfectly cooked. The cepes are just finishing their first flush of the season. Hopefully last night’s rain will draw the next batch out. I bought a fistful at the market and will be following up with a cepes omelette for Dad and I this evening.