The week that was (2 July 2015)

Other stories:

- The Fin Rev are not yet done squeezing the life from their restaurant awards with their inaugural Food & Wine Magazine out last Friday. There was a piece about the Groovy Aussie chefs who don't need Masterchef (yes, they actually used groovy in the headline). They talked to Puskas and Parry about their success at Sixpenny, going on to talk to a gaggle of "groovy" chefs from restaurants around the country (Cafe Paci, Magill Estate, St Crispin, Moonpark, Africola and Urbane). The article boils the "new-breed chef" down to three s's: small, sustainable and social, but also warns their readers that "groovy" may also mean bearded, pierced and tattooed. I'm not sure who should be more scared of who?

Gourmet Traveller's July issue is out. Richard Gunner's English longhorn cattle get the spotlight (the collaboration between Gunner and Jock Zonfrillo is a brilliant story, many years in the making, not to mention the 30 months to get the cows to maturity), Fergus tells his tales of imbibing in France,Transformer is reviewed in Melbs (vego in Fitzroy), Firedoor reviewed (again) in Sydney and there's a feature on the food scene in Byron (a deservedly hot topic at the moment).

delicious. is out too and, as many gratuitous instagram pics have shown, it's their 150th issue. Two articles of note: Huckstep went to shoot roo with the people of Macro Meats. Not your standard gun-toting yarn, he quotes owner Ray Borda "They're not is a shed, pen or fenced in. They don't queue at an abattoir. They're free to roam in their natural social circles. It's about as ethical as it gets" and Matt Preston talking to Dan Barber in a great article delightfully void of Masterchef references. 

- And last, but most certainly not least, are we being fed by a poison expert? Check out this little vid about Monsanto hosted on The Guardian.