The week that was (16 April 2015)

And finally the soapbox:
- The SMH ran a bizarre list of “10 foods that are a drag to buy but easy to make at home.” The list included duck confit, mustard, buttermilk, crème fraiche and vanilla extract. I don't think I need to go into too much detail as to why this is ridiculous: buttermilk is not made with milk + vinegar; mustard does not lose its bitterness in a day; crème fraiche ("pointless to buy, easy to make") is not heavy cream + buttermilk. Turns out Eugenia Bone (the author) is based in the states and the article was bought from the Featurewell Syndicate (not commissioned). Hmm.

- The Tele gave them a run for their money with an article about where you can find a cheap lunch around town. A few good thoughts, but including ARIA’s $46 one course lunch was a bit of a stretch.
-The film/doco More Than Honey tells the story of the bees and the mystery of "colony collapse disorder" that is threatening bee colonies all over the world. It’s beautifully shot and an incredibly important topic. Check out the trailer here.

- I love a little Landline and this week was particularly good, including a little chit chat about the implications of the changes to the FSANZ laws re raw milk cheeses and a yarn about the proposed changes to the commercial and recreational licences for fisherman around NSW. Also worth a watch.
- If you’re wanting more on cheese, ASCA are holding a Cheese, Wine and Talk event at Berta on Monday. Giorgio is on the booze, Ivan Larcher (a Frenchie cheesemaker and consultant to Australia’s best) and Pecora’s lovely Cressida on the talk. Check out their website here if you want to go along.

- Finally, this just in, TEDxSydney have announced the food line-up for this year's festival. The focus is on the "forgotten, ugly and unexpected foods that dwell on the periphery of our cultural consciousness." Ok.