The week that was (15 October 2015)

Soap box (all on the box) -

- We start with a folly: Burnt, the big-budget, food-focussed film due out next month, is said to "prove(s), beyond all doubt, that food culture has entered the mainstream.” Marcus Wareing was in charge of culinary training for both Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, no mean feat given the skills involved. "As time went on – the long days, the hot kitchen – you could see the crew and the actors getting more tired and more frustrated, and they started to look like chefs, as every day went by. And the mundane, monotonousness of 'action, cut, action, cut' takes its toll. I think after a while, they all started to look like shit, tired, miserable, aggressive. And that's when you start to see the chef come out in them.” There are stereotypes a-plenty (drugs, booze, anger etc) but I admit to thinking it actually looks alright. If you want a sneak peak there’s a trailer here.
- For something with a little more bite, check out the preview of The Grain Divide. The premise is that the farm to table movement forgot our most basic food, grain. This doco sets out to change that. Chad Roberston (Tartine) is on board as associate producer and the film’s cast includes culinary crusaders such as PollanBarber and Brock. Everyone is in agreement that industrial flour is actually dead wheat and this is what needs to be changed. The call to arms is to view grains as we do other fresh fruit and veg. Barber asks: "How do you change the culture around, looking at a wheat seed as a fresh product? That’s going to change the world."
- And for something a little more art house, take a look at this beautiful little video insight into theSeptime kitchen (my favourite Parisian restaurant), capturing that moment where service reaches its crescendo, the "coup de feu."