The week that was (3 March 2016)

- A quick note to say the line up at Noosa Food and Wine is an outrage. They have invited one woman (ok, now three with the last minute MKR additions) out of 47 chefs?! Unfortunately they're not alone. Did you know there were only 17 women among the 600 Michelin starred chefs? If you want a global perspective read this petition regarding Omnivore, and for a more positive spin check out theParebere Forum and their Instagram feed. I am not an advocate for 50% for the sake of 50%, but this percentage can not be right. It can't even be close.  

- Finally, France ... I'll keep the boasting brief. As always there have been some delightful meals: today's was in a butchery beside the Marché Aligre - a brilliant outdoor and indoor market that runs six days a week in the 12th, incidentally it's close to one of the best Parisian bakeries I know for a pain au chocolat (Le Ble Sucre). Lunch was enjoyed sitting in the butchery, surrounded by other happy market goers. In fact, it gave me that feeling of  the forbidden, of being invited to the convivial meals I have seen many Frenchie stall holders share when lunch descends. It was excellent. Earlier in the week it was a classic bistro lunch at Paul Bert (laden with truffles) and, if I get this finished, I will be heading out for a cheeky drink and snack at Le Dauphin

If it's good, I generally put it on the gram, which brings me to one post I would like to reiterate from this week, one I thought was particularly poignant and probably worth sharing again - Last winter, the French announced a ban on open fires in chimneys. The move, designed to cut pollution in Paris, was met with outrage and quickly overturned. It became evident the statistics used to create the ban were exaggerated (or misinterpreted). This was coupled with the realisation there were many other ways to educate and influence the way people heat their home. The ecology minister, Ségolène Royal, was quoted - "Je ne suis pas favorable à une société des interdictions." ("I am not in favour of a society of prohibitions"). It turns out she's a bit of a hero, she's even had a crack at Monsanto. Lotta Continua.